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    For those of you that aren't familiar with McKenna Pendergrass Photography... I am a wife and mother to a beautiful little boy (don't worry, you'll see plenty of him!). I live in sunny Southern California, and do business throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. I have always loved working with kids, and considered a specialty in newborns and families for some time, but it wasn't until my son was born that I decided to make the switch. And I'm so glad that I did! I love DIY projects, being barefoot, and reading.

Victorville Baby Photographer {Annabelle}

Oh, how I love having this sweet face in front of my camera!  I can’t believe Miss Annabelle is already 6 months old!  She’s such a sweetheart with so much personality.  Make sure you also check out her mama’s maternity photos, their Welcoming Baby session, and her newborn photos if you missed them.




How has your life changed in the last 6mo?  Oh man, in the last six months I’ve become much more busy! I feel like there is rarely a moment alone. Now I constantly have a little body with me. If Annabelle is asleep, her older brother Tyler is awake. Everything becomes a balancing act.

What new things is your baby up to? New skills, likes or dislikes, quirks?  Now she loves to sit and play near Tyler, which is so cute to watch. She loves to play with his toys and doesn’t care much for her “baby” toys.




What is your favorite thing about being a parent? The love. My life is so filled with love, and I’m so lucky to be where I am in life. My son always comes to me to be comforted and to cuddle. And no one can make my daughter happy like I can.

What advice do you have for parents of a 6mo?  I would say, keep an eye on them! This is when they are starting to get fun. Now her personality is growing and she’s really shining. These little moments don’t last, so save them in your memory today.



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Holiday Mini Sessions are here! – Book now!

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I’ve had so many req, we’re making the treck out to beautiful Oak Glen, Yucaipa and shooting at the GORGEOUS Los Rios Rancho (pictured above).  You don’t want to miss out this year!  These sessions are 30 minutes each, and $125.

I’ve had so many requests to do minis sessions in the High Desert that I’m opening a second Holiday Mini Session date that will take place in the HD (exact location TBD).  This second date is November 30th, and the price is only $100!!

Payment and contract required for booking.  Appointment times will not be saved without proper booking.

Make sure you book your session quickly, because spots sell out fast every year.  I hope to see you there!

Click here or go to to book now!

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Victorville Baby Photographer {Aaliya}

This beautiful girl with the biggest brown eyes is just such a sweetheart!  Make sure you check out her mama’s maternity session and her newborn photos too!




How has your life changed in the last 6mo? Life is all about Aaliya since last 6 months..the biggest change in last 6 months is that we have been glued to her,nothing gets more attention other then Aaliya.

What new things is your baby up to?  New skills, likes or dislikes, quirks?  She’s our little rockstar…every month we see new milestones…the most amazing feeling was to see aaliya roll over in each direction,she enjoys doing it over and infact she does just about anything to get our attention. she seems relaxed about being handled, and copes well with change. she loves to suck her thumb and if stopped she would suck her




What is your favorite thing about being a parent?  The Giggles,the Smiles,the Snuggles. We love how even on a bad day she makes everything worth’s because The deep love  she  bring to our heart!

What advice do you have for parents of a 6mo?  Get ready for a beautiful journey, where every new milestone of your little one will give you happiness.



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Jiggy Patel -

My little princess !! Love u gundi:)

Victorville Baby Photographer {Emelia – 2 months}

You know you’re a work from home mom when you can successfully write a blog post while nursing a baby and eating the pretend lunch that your toddler made you out of stacking blocks… you have the super power of multitasking… and thus is my life.




My sweet baby girl is two months old now!!  She’s strong (her brother couldn’t pick up his head like that until he was 3 months!), and so happy.  She loves to smile, and I swear she’s going to start giggling any day now.  I can’t wait for that.  =)  She’s getting these long eyelashes like her brother, but they’ll probably never be as crazy long as his.




My Emma is a snuggler, which is ok by me because Caleb refuses to cuddle me anymore.  He’s too cool for that stuff now that he’s a big two year old. I need to get some more photos of them together… he refused to take pictures with her too.  Haha.  He’s all sorts of opinionated lately.  it makes me happy that Emma is still too little for those shenanigans.

They make me so happy to be their mama.  <3



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Claudia Pendergrass -

I’m a lucky grandma to have you also be a photographer. I’m so spoiled with all these wonderful, beautiful grandbaby pictures! :)

Michelle Katherine Hernandez -

She’s so pretty :)